In Home Care and Support for Stroke Patients

In-Home Care for people recovering from and learning how to live with a stroke.

Stroke CareJan 27, 2016 – There are an estimated 25,500 new stroke events in Ontario 15,500 hospital inpatient admissions, every year. At least every 30 minutes, Families impacted by a loved one suffering a stroke can be dramatic to say the least. We understand this fact very well. At Sovereign Ease, our compassionate, reliable, experienced and affordable in-home caregivers understand the post-stroke recovery process! Recovering and living with a places a high degree of emotional, mental and physical stress not only for the survivor but also on family members. Our caregivers are dedicated to proving assistance and inspiration throughout the day by doing the following:

  • activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and toileting
  • overseeing the home exercise program prescribed by your doctor and rehabilitation team movement assistance and transfers

transportation support such as running errands, visiting family and friends, or taking you to the doctor’s office Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing care gives you and your family recovery process the highest priority! From providing as little or as much help as needed to maintain and enhance your loved one’s dignity, safety and independence. Our ability to understand the appropriate role we play allows us to best support and provide relief when needed. This way family members can become loved ones and not always be in the role as a caregiver.

Free Care Resources

Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing care has a wealth of resources to share with you. To learn more about stroke download this free document from Sovereign Ease Caregiver.