How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Fit and healthy, two things people generally want to be, but does travel help you get fitter, or is the opposite true? It can be a challenge maintaining fitness, healthy eating and living when you’re on the road but it’s possible as many of the travelers below can prove. The key lies in maintaining intention. Lapses in dedication to the cause, restaurant meals, over indulgence and lack of access to your usual equipment, facilities and routines can lead to travel bloat and backsliding fitness if you don’t stay mindful. It’s the opposite for us, we find that travel keeps us fitter and leaner but maybe our family is atypical,  our Iron man is serious about staying fit while travelling, and we all enjoy a physical challenge.  

  • walk more.
  • swim more.
  • hire a bike.
  • paddle a kayak.
  • hike up that hill.
  • take a tour or vacation with focus on exercise, for instance a bike tour.
  • ski, on water or snow.
  • just be more active and have more fun Stay Healthy