Senior Companions and Elder Companionship

In Home Senior Companion Care Services” for Seniors in Grande Prairie Ab, Ottawa On, Toronto On.

Emotional Support for the Client and their FamiliesBy nature, human beings are social creatures and the inherent need for friendship and companionship along with social interaction is an important key to living a meaningful, happy and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many seniors and elderly individuals can become home-bound and increasingly more isolated as their mobility and physical  abilities decline. This can lead to intense feelings of loneliness  and isolation which can have a dramatic impact on their quality  of life. Additionally these feelings can even contribute to mental  health problems such as depression.

If you or an elderly family member needs conversation,  social interaction or simple companions care, Sovereign  Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care is available to help 247.  We offer a complete range of senior care services to help your elderly loved ones in times of need, including senior companions and elder companionship services, which we provide to residents surround City of Grande Prairie Alberta, Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa-Gatineau Area.

Sovereign Ease Senior Companion can benefit elderly adults in a variety of diverse ways, including:

·        Providing company and conversation

·        Spending quiet time together, such as reading, knitting or watching television

·        Going for a walk or exercising together

·        Taking the senior client to an enjoyable location, like the park

·        Playing cards or board games together

·        Tending to light gardening or simply enjoying the outdoors together

·        Helping with household chores

·        Assisting with personal care tasks

·        Checking on seniors to ensure they’re in good condition and good spirits

·        Providing peace of mind to the senior’s family and friends

In fact, Sovereign Ease is a health care provides extensive training to our senior companion’s care so they can provide more than just companions care. Creating opportunities for conversation, engaging dialogue and social interaction is vital to mental alertness. Our staff senior companions can also help with running errands, transportation and travel, cooking and meal prep, light housekeeping as well as personal care and more.

Sovereign Ease can provide as much or as little help as you or your loved one requires. From brief visits for a few hours per week to daily visits for several hours or even a live-in companion or caregiver, our staff can accommodate virtually every client’s needs.

Our services are reasonably priced because we believe that it is very important that care and companionship services for seniors and elderly adults be readily available at a price you and your family can afford!

Our senior companion’s caregivers don’t just provide elderly clients with much-needed interaction and companionship; they can also improve their quality of life and provide peace of mind to loved ones who may worry about their elderly family member’s safety and physical well-being. We can help create peace of mind!

To learn more about Sovereign Ease” Caregiver’ & Nursing care senior companions care services, pricing and availability, we encourage you to contact us at 1-888-866-4972 and schedule a free, no obligation home care needs assessment.



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