The range of motion exercises

Active range of motion exercises help improve joint function. Range of motion is how far you can move your joints in different directions. These exercises help you move each joint through its full range of motion. Movement can help keep your joints flexible, reduce pain, and improve balance and strength.


An enhanced level of comfort for the client

Consistent one-on-one care and attention

Increased quality of life for clients and their families

Decreased risk of infection

Improved recovery from surgery and illness

Less costly than facility-based care

What is Personal Care?

Sovereign Ease personal care services enable adults to receive customized health care services in the comfort of their homes while maintaining both dignity and independence.

By maintaining a precise focus on quality care and extraordinary service, Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care continues to grow and serve more clients.

Range of Motion Exercises for Children with Disabilities All children need exercise to keep their bodies healthy, strong and flexible.However, children with disabilities are not always able to participate in activities that assist.

Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care and Health Services exists to provide children and adults with the highest quality home health care delivered with compassion and extraordinary service. In doing so, we elevate the quality of life experienced by those we serve and create an environment of comfort, consistency, and normalcy for our clients and their families.

At Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care, we consider it both a privilege and an honor when we can welcome a new client into our Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care family. Our care is always delivered from a place of heartfelt compassion and empathy, and our clinical, operational, and client relations teams work together in unique synergy to deliver care that exceeds our patients’ expectations.

§  The client always comes first

§  Your family is our family

§  The best people, the best practices and the best systems lead to Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care

§  We can do well by doing right by every child, adult and senior we serve


The commitment of our Sovereign Ease staff to “do whatever it takes” on behalf of our clients

Strong relationships with loyal families who entrust us with the care of their loved ones

The Health Care professionals who share our values and partner with us to provide a continuum of care

Happy clients and happy families


Your wellbeing is the heart of our business!


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