Multiple Sclerosis Home Care and Support in the Grande prairie Ab, Ottawa On, Toronto On.

Nearly 2.5 Million people worldwide are affected by Multiple Sclerosis! MS is an autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks your central nervous system my mistake.  Multiple Sclerosis Home Care and SupportThis attack damages myelin, the coating that protects nerve fibers in the brain spinal cord and eyes. The causes are unknown however it is believed that infection by a slow-moving virus or abnormalities with the immune system are related to the disease. MS can be one of the most disabling of the neurological diseases that strike young adults during their most productive years (20-40 years of age). Many MS patients have little or no disability for many years after diagnosis.

Caring for the MS Patient at Home

At Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care– we focus on helping you and your loved ones’ deal with all the changes which occur with MS that threaten one’s independence, safety and security. Our caregivers are trained in all aspects of care for MS patient to help relieve symptoms, enhance well-being, assist with daily activities, and improving overall quality of life.  Sovereign Ease Caregivers Nursing Care also works closely with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as we strive to provide the best care and services possible.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society: https://mssociety.ca/


Multiple Sclerosis Foundation: www.msfocus.org/support-group.aspc?state=MI

Sovereign Ease Caregiver offers In-Home part of the Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care nationwide family with over 3 years of experience Care Services and Support for patients with Multiple Sclerosis throughout Grande Prairie Ab, Ottawa On, Toronto On.

As, we are supported with the resources of one of Canada’s largest and most trusted home care service organizations.

Your wellbeing is the heart of our business!


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