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Comprehensive In-Home Child Care Services for your Child or Loved One

Child Care In Home Care Services - Sovereign Ease

Child Care In Home Care Services – Sovereign Ease

In home child care most people think of in home care services strictly for seniors or the elderly. In fact, millions of children per year have their life drastically altered and challenged with such illnesses, disease and medical conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, Cytomegalovirus, Leukemia, Rheumatic Fever and Birth Defects resulting in a variety of different intellectual and development disabilities.

Sovereign Ease Caregivers provides Specialty In-Home Child Services throughout the Grande Prairie Ab, Ottawa On, Toronto On.

Some of the benefits of having an In-Home Caregiver for your child include:

Customized Personal Care

The biggest advantage of in home caregiver for your child is the ability to provide a comprehensive child care solution that is personalized to meet your specific needs. Whether you child’s needs are medical, social, physical or occupational, a professional caregiver will be able to accommodate you. Skilled services, custodial services, frequency of visit, and scope of duty are all adjustable based on your own needs and considerations.

The Right Match

One of the biggest challenge involved with at-home child care is finding the right providers. Our highly competent and professionally trained in-home child caregivers undergo extensive interviews, background checks, proficiency testing and skill validation prior to becoming a member of our team. You can rest assured that all of our caregivers live up to our impeccable standards of professional care.

Children Enjoy Staying at Home More

Studies show time and time again that children as well as seniors prefer staying in their own home when compared to the option of moving to a facility or having to change their surroundings or living accommodations. In home child care allow children to remain independent, safe and happy in their own homes and enjoy a higher quality of life, without compromising the level of personal care, companionship and daily assistance they receive.

More Affordable

In a majority of cases, an in home child caregiver will be able to provide your child with the most affordable solution to your home care needs. You won’t be paying for an expensive facility or any of the other overhead expenses that drive up the cost of facility based child care. You will simply be paying for the time and the expertise of a trained child caregiver to deliver in home care services that are specific to your needs. Not only will your child typically receive a higher overall level of personalized care when employing an in home child caregiver, but it can often times be provided at a significantly lower cost as well.

When the time comes to research in-home care and alternative living arrangements, make sure you study all of the options available to you and determine whether an in home child caregiver might make sense for you and your child. In most cases an at home child caregiver can provide an excellent balance of high quality home care services at a price that is substantially more affordable than facility based care.

Your Trusted Source for In-Home Care and Support

Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care offers In-Home Care & Support for all types of illnesses, medical conditions and health challenges including Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities throughout Grande Prairie Ab, Ottawa On, Toronto On.

As part of the Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care nationwide family with over 3 years of experience, we are backed with the resources of one of Canada’s largest and most trusted home care service private. and most trusted home care service organizations.