Hospice and Palliative Home Care Services.

Hospice palliative care is a type of care for people and families who are dealing with a life-threatening illness, at any age. The focus is on achieving comfort, reducing suffering, and improving quality of life.

Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care, recognizes that death is a normal part of life and strives to prepare patients and their families so we can all die on our own terms.

Our Caregiver support are concerned about whether they will be able to look after their ill family member especially when that person is being cared for at home. Home care nurses can assist in providing information and assistance to meet individual needs. Sovereign Ease recognize that family caregivers need help and support after an illness.

The focus of palliative care is to provide relief and to create an environment for the patients concerned that is as free of stress and suffering as is reasonably possible in the circumstances. Various programs address the emotional, physical, spiritual and social concerns that typically accompany advanced terminal illnesses. Our Palliative Care Team employs a multidisciplinary approach in developing palliative care plans. These consider the needs of individual patients, which necessarily vary.

A hospice palliative care approach is not only for the last weeks or days of life; it’s for anyone with a life-limiting illness regardless of age. At the present time,large majority of Canadians want to receive care in their own homes. Either, hospice palliative care services, healthcare services or Nursing Care. Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care is the present leader.

Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care his focus is on comfort care, such as pain control, rather than care aimed at curing illness. Nurses, personal support workers (or community health workers) who can provide personal care, such as bathing or dressing, Etc. Care services available 24/7.


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