Home Care & Support for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients

In Home Care Services for Patients Living with Alzheimer Patients Care and Dementia Disease

Alzheimer Patients Care and Dementia Home Care & Support

Alzheimer Patients Care and Dementia Home Care & Support

The number of people affected by Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was 26.6 million worldwide in 2006. By 2050, the prevalence is expected to quadruple, so that 1 in 85 persons living with the disease and 43% of them are excepted to need to need elevated levels of care, i.e. supervised home care, nursing home, etc. Our Alzheimer’s home care program has been designed to maintain overall independence, security and quality of life for clients living with memory impairments and associated behavioral issues. Through matching caregivers specifically trained to understand Alzheimer’s care; caregivers can interact with clients and family members to create serene and contented environments that ensure well-being. Designing the perfect home care service plan, with family input, is the first step to addressing each client’s home care needs directly.

To learn more about Normal Aging vs. Alzheimer’s disease please download the free report.

Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care provide Short and Long-Term Care vs. Alzheimer’s Care homes.

At the same time, Sovereign Ease Long-term care is for seniors who are unable to take care of themselves independently whereas Sovereign Ease Alzheimer’s care are for seniors who need help with their debilitating condition. Alzheimer’s care Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care may also take care of patients with other memory diseases.

n-home care includes a wide range of services provided in the home, rather than in a hospital or care facility. It can allow a person with Alzheimer’s or other dementia to stay in his or her own home. It also can be of great assistance to caregivers.

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Sovereign Ease Caregiver & Nursing Care offers In-Home Health Care” Support for Alzheimer’s and “Dementia care” Patients throughout The Greater Toronto On, Grande Prairie Ab, Ottawa On,