tips help elderly you react to people with patience

Tips Help Elderly for Working with Seniors:

Tips help elderly Working with seniors can be very challenging and positively involves a lot of patience. However, I have learned many tips and behaviors through my experiences as a Student Kinesiology’s and have increased insight into how seniors tend to think and act. I find working with seniors to be relatively rewarding as they can often be miscalculated and treated as a problem to society. These tips apply to any context and are not just for those treating or exercising with seniors.

Don’t treat them like they’re children!

Most of the seniors that I work with are justly independent and they hate being treated like children. With that being said, it is well known that seniors are at a higher danger for falls and harm. You need to be close enough to them to prevent injury or falling, while also not appearing to be too overbearing. Use common sense. If you see them really stressed, you should help.