Short-Stay Services;

Provides individuals of all ages and levels, Short-Stay Services: design a new Short Stay Respite Care, short term respite care. We are offering short stay beds for temporary care convalescent, respite (caregiver relief) for Individuals Care, while you as loved one is on vacation, Travel for Business and Absence for Emergency Reasons. etc.

We have numbers of short stay services to fit differing needs of those residing at home of clients or in the specially designed in Sovereign Ease offer “private short-stay “respite care.

Respite holiday care homes;

The Short Stay services provides a period of relief for people who are responsible for the ongoing care of children, adults, senior. Individuals may require a break or assistance to meet a loved ones ongoing care needs. Some individuals may need additional assistance as they recover following an illness or home care after surgery.  The service is intended to give the caregiver an opportunity for a break in their care routine to re-energize, in order to resume their role.

Respite care

can be accessed for up to 90 days’ period or more, for short periods of time such as a weekend, or for longer periods, such as one month. Service - daily or Hourly fee depending on individual care. All individuals interested in accessing this service must apply for reservations.  You can request this service for short breaks of days or less. Sovereign Ease send a licensed personal care worker will come to your home to care for your loved one.

if you don’t see something that you need or want in a “Short Stay Services Contact us. 24-hour respite care” dementia caregivers” 

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