Respite care.

Respite refers to a short time of rest or relief. It provides a break from the typical care routine – allowing the caregiver some down time while the person with dementia continues to receive care from qualified individuals and has the opportunity to have different experiences.

Sovereign Ease Short-stay respite care supports family caregivers by providing relief from their care giving responsibilities. The family is charged for this service, while he or she is out for vacation. Sovereign Ease take of loved one. Client may require temporary care in order go into nursing home, continue to reside in his or her own home is likely to benefit from a short stay in the home.

SEHHCP in nursing care means nursing and other personal care given by or under the supervision, of a registered nurse or a registered practical nurse. Sovereign Ease will indicate if the client care needs. There are no specific time limits placed on the respite service. A respite stay should not have timeline.

Residential respite care;

Sovereign Ease respite care option is a stay in client a residential overnight, for a few days or a few weeks. Overnight care allows caregivers to take an extended break or vacation while the person with dementia stays in a supervised, safe environment designed to meet personal needs.

Sometimes a person with memory care may have difficulty adjusting to the new environment. Sovereign Ease is work hard to provide ‘healthcare at home’ Regular stays can allow the overall adjustment to become easier for everyone. Client will become more comfortable with the staff in own personal home environment.

Sovereign Ease respite care services are provided in the home to assist the caregiver and the person with dementia. Services vary in type and can include: personal care, medication reminder, nutrition, Social participation and the health and well-being etc.

Sovereign Ease offer all types respite care

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Assisted  Living Services may include:

Personal support services
(e.g., bathing, dressing,
personal hygiene)
• Homemaking (e.g., housekeeping,
laundry, meal preparation)
• Security checks/reassurance
services (by telephone or
• Care coordination (e.g.,
assessment, development
of care plans, referral to
community agencies)
Services may be provided on a
scheduled or unscheduled basis.

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