Partnership & Ethics


Sovereign Ease Partnership is committed to fair and ethical practices as followed:

Sovereign Ease, Home Care Agency, was built on a foundation of strong faith based model and family values – Dedication, Excellence, Commitment, Quality of life, Respect, Dignity, and Independence. All individuals will be treated with dignity and respect. When assessing performance, Sovereign Ease does not discriminate on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, family relationships, religious belief, or physical or intellectual disability.

Sovereign Ease treats all clients and prospective clients with honesty, fairness, dignity and respect. Sovereign Ease home care agency does not deliver misleading information or offer services not needed by clients or prospective clients. Sovereign Ease respects and support freedom of choice. Sovereign Ease promises to provide prompt, reliable, and effective home and health care appropriate for each individual’s needs, health and safety. Sovereign Ease is committed to protecting the confidential nature of each individual’s health care records and will not disclose information in the record unless permitted by law or regulation. Sovereign Ease is employs staff that have passed a criminal background check and has been screened through references and who continue to improve their knowledge and skills in the provision of home and health care services. Sovereign Ease does not sell client name or contact information to any company.

Sovereign Ease respects and abides by all copyright laws when developing marketing and communication programs, such as advertisements. Sovereign Ease is committed to deliver our greatest efforts in resolving issues fairly.

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