Hospital /Assisted Living Discharge.

Discharge from hospital to home,

Discussion with the client or his representative.  Planning for homecoming or transfer to your own home. We provide the home care support you need.  Drive you home, we went to clean house, we do grocery shopping for you. Prepare your meals. pick up your medications from pharmacy. Family is unable to assist with providing care at home because they live too far away, work, or do not have a safe place for their loved one to stay in their home.

If the hospital discharges your loved one with short notice, you live out of town or work responsibilities prevent you from taking them home yourself, take benefits of SEHHCP's Transition of Care Packages.

Yet, the way this transition is handled, the discharge to home, the health and well-being of your loved one. Studies have found that improvements in hospital discharge planning can dramatically improve the outcome for clients as they move to the next level of care. Clients, family ‘caregivers’ and Sovereign Ease healthcare provider we all play roles in maintaining a client's health after discharge.

Home care after hospital discharge.

Sovereign Ease Home Health Care Provider, is next door. If your loved one requires assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing or meal preparation after a hospitalization Sovereign Ease Home Health Care Provider” can help you.

As ‘home care” we provide appropriate support in the community. Arranging for follow-up appointments tests. The discussion needs to include the physical condition of family member both before and after hospitalization; details of the types of care that will be needed; and whether discharge will be to home. It also should include information on whether the client's condition is likely to improve; what activities he or she might need help with; information on medications and diet; what extra equipment might be needed, such as a wheelchair, commode, or oxygen; we will handle meal preparation, transportation and chores; “Home care services.

Your loved one does not need therapy but is not confident enough yet to go home alone. Respite care can allow a senior to have the peace of mind that someone is available 24 hours a day for assistance and for immediate response to emergencies. That is SEHHCP established to do. Your loved one or family would like comfort in knowing that their loved one is being cared for 24 hours a day and not home alone, at risk for falling, becoming ill, not eating properly, or forgetting their medications.

Sovereign Ease Range of Motion Exercises.

At home exercise services. most people tend to become less active with age. This leads to a decrease in muscle mass and range of motion in the joints.

Getting help at home.

Listed below are common care responsibilities we are handling for your family member after he or she returns home:

  • Personal care: bathing, eating, dressing, toileting
  • Household care: cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping
  • Healthcare: medication management, physician's appointments, physical therapy, wound treatment, injections, medical equipment and techniques
  • Emotional care: companionship, meaningful activities, conversation.

If you don’t see something that you need or want in a care giver? Contact us. 24-hour respite care” take advantage of ” Call Now :780-831-1304 email:"released from hospital Care"‎